Workshops and Events

Movement & Spirit workshops provide nurturing and creative ways for you to grow and transform your life. Pnina also creates a safe space for you to let go of whatever no longer serves you, so you can create a clear space to embody your higher-self, live in your truth and be more of who you really are. Each workshop explores a variety of practices, including: clairvoyant meditation, energy work, Kabalistic healing and teaching, emotional processing, sound healing, breath work, transformative movement, hands-on healing creative art and ritual. 
Come join us and learn powerful tools for self-healing and renewal! 

Upcoming healing fairs:

Holistic Living Expo

Sunday, Sept 14, 2008 10 am - 6 pm
San Francisco Airport, Clarion Hotel
401 E Millbrae Ave at Hwy 101
Millbrae, CA 9403
Pnina will be giving a talk at 1:30 pm about: "Creating Abundance with the Tree of Life".
Kabala teaches us that every thing you ask for already exists. The word "Kabala" means: to receive.
In this lecture you will learn how to create abundance from endless sources of your Higher Self and the Universe by understanding how the Tree of Life works in relation to your body and in alignment with Nature.

Oct 12: Holistic Living Expo in Concord, Pnina will also be speaking about developing your Clairvoyant abilities.
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Sept 20 World Fitness Dance, Pnina will be performing with her traditional Moroccan dance: please visit for more information.

Sept 19-21 C.A.S.T Event, Calling All Social Truth, In Fairfax. This exciting event's mission is to create a space where each individual and group supports each other in creating their own story, essentially creating the life that we want. Pnina will give short readings and healings by donation. Also, she will speak about “The Earth the Goddess and the Vessel:” Discovering and nurturing the goddess within, the vessel that holds our light and our wisdom as an individual and as a community. This lecture is inspired by the knowledge of the Kabala, Tree of life, and her wisdom as a healer and a woman.

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Oct 4th and 5th The Rota Crystal and Psychic Fair
Located at the Monterey Room at the Monterey County Fairgrounds
Pnina will be speaking about: Developing your Intuition:
Intuition is your natural ability to know and follow your truth. In this lecture you will learn valuable tools that will help you develop your intuition, hear your inner voice and follow your spirit.

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Saturday Oct 18: Forest in San-Geronimo Valley from 10:00 am - 2:00 Creating Abundance with the Tree of Life, ritual and healing for abundance. Join me and learn how to create abundance by exploring the values and the gifts of the Tree Of Life, as you align your body with the abundance of nature. Through meditation dancing singing and hands on healing affirmation and art you will open your heart and your spirit to receive the abundance that already exist for you.

Oct 19 Sonoma Jewish Art Festival: reading and healing booth
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Develop Your Intuition With the Healing Energy of Dolphins and whales

Sept 27: Modesto All Day Workshop
Location: 1317 Conrad Way, Modesto, CA 95358
Price: $125 before Sept 15 - $150 after.

Oct 25: Monterey From 10 am - 4pm
(Location for Monterey will be posted soon)

Dolphins and whales teaches us about intuition, abundance, magic and dreams. When we match their vibration, we connect to the Intuition and ones of nature. Through meditation, sound healing, hands on healing, and more you will learn:

o How to Live In the presence of your miracles
o Access your intuition from the depth of your soul
o Connect your intuition to your creativity and your life force energy
o Run your creative energy with balance and love
o As you discover your clairvoyant inner vision, you will gain a stronger connection with the creative energy in the second chakra.
o Sound and breathe of dolphins and whales will help you open your heart so you can receive the universal love abundance, and magic that already exist for you.

For more information and direction please call

Pnina at 415-342-3007 or by e-mail.

If you would like to invite Pnina to speaker or to teach a workshop please contact her directly 415-342-3007